Essential oils are have been used by so many different cultures for a variety of reasons.  Think about when pharmaceutical companies didn’t exist, how did cultures actual aid in everyday or even serious ailments.  They used oils from plants and trees and food.  The process was different but the reason has always been the same.  Thankfully with technology really good essential oil companies have learned to extract oils through a distillation process to get the most potent part of the plant, root, stem or rind.  When I think about essential oils today I think about one more tool to use for all of my complaints and illnesses.  We have this at our fingertips to help us live a healthier and more natural way of life.  Natural is a word used very loosely if you ask me, but I think of this word as “au natural”.  Nothing added to its original state.

Essential oils are extracted through a process called distillation.  Every plant has its own defense mechanism to protect  it is easy to get confused on how to use them and which ones are the best.