When pharmaceutical companies didn’t exist, how did cultures actual aid in every day or even serious ailments?  They used oils from plants and trees and food.  The process was different but the reason has always been the same.  Thankfully with technology really good essential oil companies have learned to extract oils through a distillation process to get the most potent part of the plant, root, stem, or rind.  When I think about essential oils today I think about one more tool to use for all of my complaints and illnesses.  We have this at our fingertips to help us live a healthier and more natural way of life.  Natural is a word used very loosely if you ask me, but I think of this word as “au natural”.  Nothing added to its original state.

What I do is work with individuals and help with their health needs using essential oils and essential oil products.  We discuss your concerns and go over any questions you may have about how to use oils, and what oils you can use for a specific ailment.   Every essential oil company is different and it is important to understand that purity and potency is important. This companies mission from the start has been providing essential oil users the purest oils possible.  Through patience and understanding of how the plants need to be treated, they have mastered their craft to provide you with the best quality.  They are the largest leading essential oil company.